Advanced Carpet Designing and Resizing Programme: DesignScope victor Carpet

Perfectly adapted according to design and dimensioning needs of carpet companies, Design Scope Victor has rich features. If you have the DesignScope programme, you will not need any other programme to design carpet and you can complete your work on a single screen.

The programme has the features of making carpet designs from the first sketch to the machine-ready file – also with your existing designs. With its user-friendly interface, DesignScope victor Carpet allows productive work after only a few days of training.

You can save all your data (motifs, effect layer, etc.) in a pattern with just one click and reload it. Additional information such as collection and name of designer, etc. may also be included in the file every time it is saved.

Features and Advantages:
• Vector carpet designing
• Vector recording and vector extensions reading
• Advanced colour reduction options
• Drawing and correcting on the pattern in millions of colours (JPEG)
• Effect creation via multiple layers and carpet designing thanks to the integrated layer feature
• Dimensioning of classical designs in short time or creating new designs out of existing designs via Frame Wizard
• Perspective correction
• Operating via multiple arc option
• View and edit only 1/4 of carpet
• Check the carpet pixel by pixel via Grid option and scanning with multiple colours via Print option
• Operating with multiple file extensions (PCX, BMP, PAT, TIF, JPG),
• Pattern editing via millions of colours and work without colour limitations
• Drawing via mirroring
• Creating your own scan in addition to wide scanning option
• Pen points developed for pattern designing
• Special menus enabling working with more colours more than actual loom colors
• Easy forming, changing, adding, rearranging and saving of colour pallettes according to designer preferences
• Easy dimensioning by using warp and weft repeat

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