3D Weaving Simulation

Simulation needs to be as true as possible. And what could be more true than the actual machine file that the fabric would be woven from?

Years ago, EAT (as one of the first CAD/CAM suppliers) had based their simulation program on a full JC file. JC files contain all information for the control of jacquard weaving loom combinations. The JC formats are better known under the name of the machine manufacturers, such as Stäubli, Bonas, Grosse, Schleicher etc. The simulation module mirrors the entire complex process of weaving.

However, EAT has taken Fabric Simulation one decisive step further by adding the third dimension.

Displaying of
  • Visual Properties of the Yarn
  • Light and Shadow on the Yarn
  • Light and Shadow of the Pleats and Creases
  • Fabric Density and Transparencies
  • Front and Back of the Fabric
  • Perspective in the 3-dimensional Environment